Bavaria Force 1

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Travel in Bavaria Landing Page Process
"This morning, with her, having coffee"
Johnny Cash, when asked for his definition of paradise.
"Relax, nothing is under control" Daily reminder, sometimes there is so much stressing out for so little.
"Conquer the world as who you really are"
Be authentic in everything you do. Commision work.
This is the first of a set of posters on typography. They are built on different quotes that get my personal twist. A post on inspired me to make it. " Saw this phrase on the back of a teen kid’s Bayview t-shirt the other night. And, while I’m not a fan of overly pithy platitudes, goddamn if that’s not a pretty great one. "
adLemonade logo design case study
adLemonade logo design case study
"You cannot serve from an empty vessel"
Great learning point. Work on self so you can help others.
Inspired by Abduzeedo's and James White's works. Full version on
Merry Christmas! More sizes on
Autumn Leaves
One of the eXperimental Series called "Autumn Leaves"
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