Everything about KeepCalling makes international communication easy. From prepaid credit for calls and SMSes to monthly plans, worldwide mobile recharge, or virtual numbers, the KeepCalling services make it easy to call anywhere in the world.
The homepage is the place that accommodates all the services and brands in the keepcalling ecosystem. This is why we had to find out solutions for many menu and navigation types.
Every product is visible and accessible from the homepage and it has it's own landing page, custom tailored for the needs of the customers using that specific product. It still manage to maintain the same art direction.
Mobile Version
For this site we took the desktop first design approach, but it is still fluid and responsive, opening it on a smaller display will show you the best version for your device
See the full website HERE
The live website may not reflect this design in it's current state.
This work was done while working as a full time employee as Design Manager at KeepCalling . I was responsible for the design and the art direction of the website and brand.

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