Start (up) Something

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"Conquer the world as who you really are"
Be authentic in everything you do. Commision work.
Expressive Type
Hand lettering contest submission for Expressive Type book
"I'll keep you safe, you'll keep me wild"
Such a great declaration of love, couldn't resist it. The third installment from my "Wise words to live by" collection.
"Relax, nothing is under control" Daily reminder, sometimes there is so much stressing out for so little.
"This morning, with her, having coffee"
Johnny Cash, when asked for his definition of paradise.
"Just my type"
It all starts here
This is how we start our day. Enjoy your every morning.
Be Water
"Be water, my friend" Bruce Lee quote. Experimenting with type and decoration.
Hidden in plain sight
Concept art for a book cover project I am working on.
"You cannot serve from an empty vessel"
Great learning point. Work on self so you can help others.
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