"This morning, with her, having coffee"

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"You cannot serve from an empty vessel"
Great learning point. Work on self so you can help others.
Expressive Type
Hand lettering contest submission for Expressive Type book
FH logo
FH are a leading Asian investment platform built on extensive knowledge, experience and networks, uncovering the best opportunities in rising Asia. These are some proposals I have made for them, trying to narrow down the options for the final logo.
My name is...
First 3 of the "My name is..." self promotion series of posters. It is all about exploring different sides of typography and tools in Illustrator. More to come.
This is how we start our day. Enjoy your every morning.
Logo redesign for a telecom company
Logo redesign for a telecom company.
Autumn Leaves
One of the eXperimental Series called "Autumn Leaves"
Art direction and design, 2013 - 2015, pen&paper - Balsamiq Mockups - Adobe Photoshop
Hidden in plain sight
Concept art for a book cover project I am working on.
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