Travel in Bavaria Landing Page Process

The Design brief was to create a landing page with the following key aspects:
The page should be:
• inspiring and transports the mood of the area (region: Germany - Bavaria) 
• introduces the customer to the area with a short text (max 350 characters – this can be a placeholder text) 
• show a set of 6 of our best offers in the area, with the option to load more 
• list 3 further landing pages related to the area (use visuals to make them appealing) 
• provides a dedicated content section that can be used for providing further useful information to the customer (used for editorial content, longer floating text that may contain images) 
• lists 5 further landing pages that are unrelated to the current landing page (use visuals to make them appealing) Other Criteria 
• The design should be made with responsiveness in mind, for women over 27 with an estimated 40k income 
• Content elements should be modular enough to be reusable and also changed in order
The Wireframes
The initial sketches and wireframes happen on paper for fast iterations.
The Moodboard
Creating a moodboard always helps with the design phase but also with creating the initial concepts.
User research and creating Personas will help the process and will ensure that I can create something for a target audience.
Color Research
Color Theory is very important. It is always a good idea to research who the potential customers will be before you start designing.
Mobile View
The design for the Mobile version in portrait mode.
Desktop View
Creating a fluid and responsive design, I can think of augmenting the experience on bigger devices and where the technology allows it. 

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