I am a freelance designer, with over 10 years of experience working with great clients and agencies. I am specialised in UX and UI but I also have knowledge of print design and a bit of frontend development. I have spent about 8 years of my career working permanently with clients in-house or with agencies and since 2017 I moved to Berlin, Germany and started my own freelance business. Since then I have specialised in remote work and design consultancy. Enjoy your stay.

FH are a leading Asian investment platform built on extensive knowledge, experience and networks, uncovering the best opportunities in rising Asia. They have a long track record of investment returns across multiple alternative investment strategies and geographies. Based out of Singapore and Shanghai, their business is organised into Venture Capital, Real Estate and Hedge Funds. This gives them a unique understanding of the drivers of their investable markets.
These are some proposals I have made for them, trying to narrow down the options for the final logo.

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