Product and Branding 2015-2017 is the travel service created for customers who want global reach and freedom of choice - complemented by easy, fast and smart online booking. Whether you are a careful planner or an impulsive one, we make online booking easier, no matter where you are what device you use.
The Challenge:
To start from a simple domain name that was served by a Priceline white label and turn it into a fully functional Online Travel Agency with its own booking engine, multiple providers, payment processing and both backend and CS tools used to service customers and generate reports.
Adaptive and fluid design
I have approached the design of the  website using the "mobile-first" mentality. This way the design started for the mobile devices and the content was tailored for these needs. Using a defined custom grid system, the scaling process went smooth and all the elements found their right place.
The homepage had to a accommodate brand elements and answer the main 3 questions you have when you open a new website: where am I, what can I do here and how to do it. This is why I created a custom gradient overlay from the 3 base colors of the brand, to be used on all the brand pictures used on the website or on social media. 
The hero text will explain what can you do here and the custom search box, above the fold, will show you how to do it. Also it incorporates logos from partner websites and the big credit card logos in the footer, for security and social proof.
Results Page
The results page contains all the elements you need to customize the perfect flight: filters, an overview of your search, the possibility to change it with just one click, a total number of the results so you can have a sense of orientation while searching through the list, the 3 type of recommended results: cheapest, fastest and best. 
An opportunity to get a better deal if there is one on an adjacent date and the sorted list of all the results.
See the full website HERE
The live website may not reflect this design in it's current state.
This work was done while working as a full time employee as Lead Designer and Art Director at I was responsible for the design and the art direction of the website and brand.

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