Travel in Bavaria

UI & UX Design

The Design brief was to create a landing page with the following key aspects:
The page should be:
• inspiring and transports the mood of the area (region: Germany - Bavaria) 
• introduces the customer to the area with a short text (max 350 characters – this can be a placeholder text) 
• show a set of 6 of our best offers in the area, with the option to load more 
• list 3 further landing pages related to the area (use visuals to make them appealing) 
• provides a dedicated content section that can be used for providing further useful information to the customer (used for editorial content, longer floating text that may contain images) 
• lists 5 further landing pages that are unrelated to the current landing page (use visuals to make them appealing)
• The design should be made with responsiveness in mind, for women over 27 with an estimated 40k income 
• Content elements should be modular enough to be reusable and also changed in order
The Wireframes
The initial sketches and wireframes happen on paper for fast iterations.
Building a persona and creating the Moodboard and color reaserch
User research and creating Personas will help the process and will ensure that I can create something for a target audience.
Creating a moodboard always helps with the design phase but also with creating the initial concepts.
Color Theory is very important. It is always a good idea to research who the potential customers will be before you start designing.
Mobile & Desktop View
Creating a fluid and responsive design, I can plan of augmenting the experience on bigger devices and where the technology allows it. 
The live website may not reflect this design in it's current state.
This work was created while working as a freelancer under an NDA . I was responsible for the design and the art direction of the website and brand.

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